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Sentinel Veterinary Specialists & EmergencySentinel Veterinary Specialists & Emergency

Phone: (406) 218‑2800
Address: 1704 S Reserve St, Missoula, MT 59801

Exceptional Veterinary Services with a Kind Heart

We are a team of board-certified specialists, highly trained emergency doctors and top veterinary professionals dedicated to providing world-class medicine and care. We aim to be an integral part of Western Montana’s veterinary community, caring for patients that need extra attention and an after-hours presence.

Why Choose Sentinel Veterinary Specialists & Emergency for Your Pet’s Surgery?

Our board-certified surgeons provide experienced, comprehensive, soft tissue and orthopedic surgical care for your cats and dogs.

Our surgical suite


At Sentinel Veterinary Specialists & Emergency, we approach every surgery with compassion for both the pets and their owners, and with a deep understanding of your needs and expectations. Every animal is an individual, and every owner has different goals, financial means, and tolerance for risk. We are here to not only offer your cats and dogs the best possible care, but to also make sure it's the right care for you and your pet. During your pre-surgery consultation, we'll answer your questions and make sure you fully understand your pet's condition and the options available.

Our compassionate staff


We are home to some of the only board-certified small animal surgeons in Montana. Our surgeons have a combined four decades of experience performing some of the most challenging procedures available for cats and dogs. Surgery is what we do, and it's one of our most sought-after services.


Our teams of internists, oncologists, and radiologists collaborate seamlessly so that your pet receives the highest level of care. We also communicate with your pet’s primary care veterinarian before referral to make sure expectations are clearly articulated, and we follow up after your pet’s procedure to see if there are any questions or concerns.

If you are a primary care veterinarian, please call (406) 218‑2800 if you have questions about our surgical capabilities.


Much of our equipment is human-grade, meaning it’s the same equipment that you would see if you were going to have surgery. We have spared no expense when it comes to supplying our surgical suites with the most advanced diagnostic equipment, surgical implants, and surgical equipment available today.

Overnight care

We can provide 24-hour, veterinarian-supervised care following major surgeries to ensure that your pet remains as comfortable and as safe as possible. We monitor all post-surgery patients for possible complications, such as bleeding, swelling, or issues with bandages.

A radiograph of a successful surgery


Our surgical procedures include the following:

Minimally invasive procedures:

  • Arthroscopy
  • Cystoscopy
  • Laparoscopy
  • Thoracoscopy
  • Fluoroscopic guided surgery